Long span wooden rafters enable the curved shape of Clamart sports centre

Long span wooden rafters enable the curved shape of Clamart sports centre

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The Clamart sports centre – embodies the urban landscape

The construction of a new sports complex for the town of Clamart is part of a vast High Quality Environment urban development project: the reconstruction of the Trivaux-Garenne campus.

This broad-reaching project features a school campus and a large sports centre. In line with the local authority's wishes, the architectural and urban approach in Clamart project is based on a desire to recreate links between two highly contrasted urban environments: residential zone of detached-houses and a sprawling district of tower blocks from 7 to 12 storeys high.

The sports complex contains a dōjō, a gym, a track and field area and a tennis court, all within one floor. The original and innovative use of Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) enabled the best possible freedom of curvature to fulfil the architectural vision of the complex. Metsä Wood’s delivery consisted of Kerto® LVL rafters for the building’s frame and roof structure covering an area of 5200m2.


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Talking Wood videos

Talkin Wood videos with professionals of wood construction

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Architect Fabienne Bulle has been working enthusiastically with wood since her time in architecture school. Now she wants to share the story of how she "discovered" Kerto® LVL.

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Talking Wood

​Leading professionals who share our passion for engineered wood, specifically Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber), have their say in the Talking Wood videos. Each expert talks about a subject close to the speakers’ heart. If you’d like to share your story, please contact us.

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Modular design can be both high quality and fast

Modular design can be both high quality and fast

​Contrary to general assumptions, the design process for industrial wood construction can be both high quality and fast. The advantages of modular design are clear: dimensionally accurate wood elements can help in improving both the technical design process and collaboration between partners.

Prefabricated wood elements enable fast, efficient and easy design without reducing quality. Reports on the benefits of such a lean approach are convincing: In a study of companies that have applied lean construction methods, 84% report higher quality in construction and 80% experienced greater customer satisfaction. 

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Reference cases show what has been done with wood

Reference cases with our construction, industrial and distribution customers

Image by Ibelings van Tilburg architecten

At Metsä Wood, we demand more – both of ourselves and our customers. Because excellence is never achieved by settling for the mediocre. Our success is based on our commitment, reliability and quality.

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Finnwood structural calculation software

Finnwood structural design software

​Simple and easy to use, Finnwood structural calculation software performs calculations for individual beams and columns made of Kerto® LVL and other Metsä Wood products. A user-friendly interface makes designing structural members fast, efficient and effective.

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Did you know that the cold Northern climate actually improves wood quality?

Sustainable Nordic Wood from sustainably managed forests

​As the climate is cold, trees grow slowly and this is why the wood fibres become dense, making the wood particularly strong but light, and visually consistent.

The wood we use at Metsä Wood comes from sustainably managed Nordic forests.

Benefits of sustainable Nordic wood

  • Strong - Tight grains
  • Light weight
  • Homogenous appearance
  • Natural aesthetics
  • Excellent acoustics
  • Minimal thermal expansion

Nordic wood is sustainable

  • 100% traceable origin
  • 100% from sustainably managed forests
  • 100% renewable: 4 new saplings planted for every tree harvested to ensure a continuous forest growth.
  • CO2 absorbed during entire lifecycle
  • Reliable supply: Our owners have 5 million hectares of forests covering half of the privately owned forests in Finland.
Plan B explres the possibilites of wood construction

Plan B

explores the possibilities of wood construction

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Laminated veneer lumber Kerto® LVL


Values guide Metsä Group's operations 

Incredibly strong and dimensionally stable timber beam

Metsä Wood's Kerto® LVL is a laminated veneer lumber product used in all types of construction projects, from new buildings to renovation and repair. Kerto is incredibly strong and dimensionally stable. Kerto delivers its high strength from the homogeneous bonded structure.

Timber Academy

Timber Academy - e-learning for timber professionals and students

Industrial efficiency

The two word strategy

In an increasingly responsible world, wood gains in importance every day. Metsä Wood wants to play a crucial part in the development and growth of this global market.

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