• Kerto® LVL

    Kerto® LVL laminated veneer lumber
  • Birch plywood

    Birch plywood
  • Spruce plywood

    Spruce plywood
  • Nordic premium timber

    Nordic premium timber
  • Finnjoist i-beam

    Finnjoist i-beam

Nordic timber

For demanding product solutions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The timeless and harmonious qualities of Nordic Premium Timber and high quality properties of pine and spruce uniquely meet demanding customer solutions. Our experience in manufacturing panels and construction solutions has brought us to an understanding of customer-specific needs. Metsä Wood products satisfy customers in all areas of construction, packaging materials, furniture and windows, in an increasing variety of ways.

The sawn timber sold by Metsä wood is produced in Metsä Fibre's sawmills. With the volume of sawmills Metsä Wood is able to provide excellence in availability and utilising the best characteristics of regionally sourced Nordic premium timber tailoring to our customers individual requirements.

Redwood pine timber

Whitewood spruce timber

Metsä Fibre Sawmills​​​

SawmillProduction (2014)
​EskolaSpruce and Pine timber, 65 000m3
​Kyrö​Pine timber, 225 000m3
​Lappeenranta​Pine timber, 235 000m3
​MerikarviaPine timber, 220 000m3
​RenkoSpruce timber , 290 000m3
​Vilppula​Spruce and Pine timber, 460 000m3
​Svir​Spruce, 240 000m​3


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