• Kerto® LVL

    Kerto® LVL laminated veneer lumber
  • Birch plywood

    Birch plywood
  • Spruce plywood

    Spruce plywood
  • Nordic premium timber

    Nordic premium timber
  • Kerto-Ripa wood elements

    Kerto-Ripa wood elements
  • Finnjoist i-beam

    Finnjoist i-beam
  • Glulam beam

    Glulam beam
  • ThermoWood


The structure of plywood forms the basis for a number of versatile products

​​​​​​​​Plywood is a warm and beautiful material. Its raw material, wood, is a renewable natural resource and one of the constructio​​​​​​n materials that has been awarded environmental certification. Our plywood products are manufactured at Metsä Wood mills in central and eastern Finland.

The raw material used for manufacturing plywood consists of either uniform quality birch (hardwood) or spruce (softwood). These raw materials combined with Finnish woodworking excellence guarantee that plywood panels are high quality products with a variety of different applications.

Plywood is strong, its surface durable, easy to work with and easy to handle. The plywood panels withstand rough handling, wear and tear, humidity and bruising.

Metsä Wood’s range of panel thicknesses, sizes and types has been created through a Finnish plywood production tradition that has continued for more than one hundred years. Active R&D work and extensive traditions have shaped our production processes to meet the continuously developing requirements of our modern customers. Our variety of plywood surfacing materials offers a range of diverse solutions for many demanding applications.

Production process




birch plywood
Spruce plywood