Use of plywood
Strong, durable, easy to work and easy to handle 


The plywood manufactured by Metsä Wood is strong, its surface durable, easy to work with and easy to handle.

The manufacture of plywood begins with the peeling of logs into veneers. The veneers are then glued together, layer by layer, using the natural strength of the wood’s grain with the objective of creating rigid, strong wooden panels. The excellent strength characteristics of the panel products are verified through meticulous quality control processes.

The production of good, solid plywood products that are able to withstand extreme weather conditions is ensured by using phenolformaldehyde resin in the gluing process.

The raw material used for manufacturing Metsä Wood plywood consists of either uniform quality birch or spruce or densely grained coniferous wood. These raw materials combined with modern production technology guarantee that plywood panels are an irreplaceable product in demanding industrial applications. 

Metsä Wood develops plywood applications for instance for transport vehicle industry, building and construction, woodworking and packaging industries, laser industry as well as for playground equipment.

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