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Plan B for Germany: Constructing the Reichstag from wood

Constructing the Reichstag from wood

Metsä Wood's Plan B for Germany

In the Plan B project, Metsä Wood explores the possibilities of wood by planning how to construct iconic buildings out of wood. The third case is the Reichstag, the home of the German parliament. The design was created together with Metsä Wood’s customer and partner, the leading German timber construction company FH Finnholz, specifically their construction engineer Andreas Rutschmann.

How Kerto LVL is produced

See our Kerto Laminated Veneer Lumber in production at our mill in Finland

Kerto LVL can be used in all types of construction projects. It is incredibly strong, dimensionally stable and delivers high strength from the homogeneous bonded structure. This video introduces you to the production process of Kerto LVL, from peeling the tree trunks to dispatching the ready products.


New brochure

New Finnframe® Roof System Brochure

Finnjoists (FJI) are an ideal material for use as roof members. Unlike most trussed roofs, a roof made with Finnjoists can be easily designed to accommodate living space within the roof, maximising space available within the home. Find out more about our Finnframe Roof System as well our free calculation software, Finnwood.


Timber Engineering through BIM

Following the successful 2013 launch of our BIM components (designed in Revit), we have now added The SoundBar System and ThermoWood to our BIM portfolio. All our key engineered wood product systems and solutions for construction and architecture are represented and available as free downloads.

The Two Word Strategy

Industrial Efficiency

​Our strategy can be crystallised in two words: industrial efficiency. Our premium-quality wood products are made for the demanding needs of our construction, industrial and distribution partners. We know that there are three steps to industrial efficiency: commitment, reliability and quality. See how we do it in a short video.