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Metsä Wood Business on firm foundations

​​​​In an ever more responsible world where sustainability is vitally important, wood endures as the best choice for our construction, industrial, retail and merchant customers. Our aim is to be the best partner for these customers, opening up the almost endless possibilities of wood.

Our key strength is industrial efficiency delivered through true commitment to partnerships, quality in production and reliability in operations. We continuously demand more from both ourselves and our partners.

In the UK, we operate from four manufacturing and distribution sites with principle activities based around our softwood planing lines at Boston and Widnes; MDF processing at Boston and the manufacture of Finnjoist i-beams at King's Lynn. In addition we have a timber treatment facility at King's Lynn.

We offer a one stop shop that is valued by both our customers and supply chain partners which gives us a unique position in the market today.

Metsä Wood is part of Metsä Group, a unique Finnish co-operative comprising some 116,000 forest owners with 5.2 million hectares of forest land under its control (about 46% of all private forests in Finland) and 9,500 employees globally across 20 countries.