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​Metsä Wood Finnlife® garden log cabins allow you to make the most of your space. The quality of design and manufacture of our cabins is second to none and yet they are surprisingly easy to build. Finnlife® log cabins are versatile and can be adapted to become your very own gym, garden hideaway or party zone, workshop, art studio or home office: the number of uses is limitless. We have a range of small, medium and large garden log cabins to choose from.

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Riekko 212 / Peili 212
Sarka 212
Koppelo 214
Valo 212
Vaha 212
Lumi 212

cabin features

Cabin modelExternal area (m3)No. of roomsLog width(mm)Shingle tilesFelt roofTilt & turn windowsLow door threshold


Quality Construction

All Metsä Wood Finnlife® log cabins are produced from the highest quality Nordic softwood, sourced from well managed and sustainable forestry. Log thicknesses vary from 19mm to 34mm depending on the model, and all provide a solid and durable structure to enjoy. All come with a range of quality fittings and most are finished with green shingle tile roof coverings and have tongue and grooved fitted roof and floor boards as standard.  

Log connections and post connection

Some of our cabins have a log connection and some corner connections as detailed below. A corner connection is beneficial because it increases the space inside the cabin by 15% giving you more space to enjoy.  

Log Connection
Post connection

Simple to Build

Building your Metsä Wood Finnlife® log cabin using our well-illustrated, step-by-step plans (supplied with each cabin) to guide you through every stage of construction is simple and straight forward. The result is a professional-looking job that you'll be proud to call your own. The video below gives you a feel as to how simple these cabins are to build. However you should refer to supplied instructions before assembly.




During assembly, some of the pre-treated floor and foundation beams may need to be trimmed to length. Any freshly exposed timber should be treated using a suitable end grain treatment. As soon as you have fully assembled your cabin you should treat the timber with a suitable stain and preserver. Your cabin will benefit from regular inspection and maintenance. Please refer to the coating manufacturer’s guidelines for recommended usage.


All log cabins settle within the first few months. The cabin walls will compress as roof and wind loads are applied and the joints close up. Moisture content of the logs will also vary from season to season which will cause expansion and contraction of the wall logs. This is a natural occurrence which can be limited by the application of an exterior treatment. Please do not affix anything to the logs that may restrict the log movement and settling process.

Internal storm battens

Some cabins are fitted with internal storm battens (wooden battens, fixed to the interior of the cabin with coach bolts). It may be necessary to release the tension from the lower coach bolt to allow the storm batten to move freely and sit flush against the cabin wall. This should be checked regularly throughout the life of your cabin to prevent gaps opening up between the logs.


The walls of the traditional log cabins incorporate a notch fixing method which allows the individual wall boards to interlock, others utilize a corner post assembly system. While these windblock systems
provide a great deal of protection against the elements, there are some things that you should do to protect your cabin even further.

  • Damp proof membrane: during installation, strips of damp proof membrane should be laid between the floor beams and wall timbers, to minimise the amount of ground moisture being drawn into the wall timbers.

  • Silicone sealant: to ensure your cabin is as weatherproof as possible, the following areas will need to be sealed after the cabin has been coated:

    • Around the window/door frames

    • From eaves to foundation at each corner

    • Any gaps visible on the log ends

These sealants are widely available and easy to use, however they will need to be re-applied regularly throughout the life of your cabin.


Where to buy our garden log cabins

Our garden log cabins can be purchased from your local merchant - where to buy​.