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Premier Forming Plywood

Metsä Wood has launched a new birch plywood panel for concrete formwork applications featuring an innovative coating that enhances the smoothness of architectural concrete surfaces. Called FormPLUS, a patent-pending coating provides much more resistance to moisture absorption in order to dramatically reduce the ripple and grain marks that conventional plywood panels can leave on visual concrete.

Prior to commercial launch, FormPLUS has been tested extensively by both Metsä Wood and formwork contractors, and delivers a significant improvement in surface finish quality compared with traditional phenol-coated shuttering panels.

"The exceptionally smooth surface finishing that FormPLUS makes possible cannot be matched by other plywood formwork panels in its price range," says Metsä Wood's R&D Manager, Jussi Ekman. "It makes ultra-smooth concrete finishes affordable in more applications - not just prestige architectural projects."

The price/performance ratio of the FormPLUS paneling is so good that Metsä Wood expects the plywood material to be used to enhance quality in a broad range of concrete formwork applications - wherever visually attractive internal and external surfaces are appreciated by designers and end-users. These include system shuttering, girder formwork, regeneration panels and concrete element manufacturing.

The base plywood is Birch, which is bonded with a weather and boil-resistant phenolic resin adhesive. The casting surface of FormPLUS panel is treated with a new, proprietary moisture-repellent coating. The film surface is semi-glossy, smooth, hard and slippery. It withstands abrasion - resistance is tested according to EN 438-2 / DIN 53799 - and can tolerate commonly used chemicals as well as diluted acids and alkalis. The surface is also easy to clean after use with water or steam in combination with release agents.

FormPLUS is available in a selection of standard sizes from 1200 to 1525 mm x 2400 to 3660 mm. Other sizes can be produced on request.


For more information contact Metsä Wood USA sales.