• Kerto® LVL

    Kerto® LVL laminated veneer lumber
  • Kerto-S LVL beams for truss chords

    Kerto-S LVL beams for truss chords
  • Kerto-Q LVL panels

    Kerto-Q LVL panels
  • Master Plank scaffold

    Master Plank scaffold
  • Insulated header

    Insulated header
  • Mobile modular LVL

    Mobile modular LVL
  • Kerto® LVL columns

    Kerto® LVL columns
  • Speciality plywood

    Spruce plywood
  • Concrete formwork

    Plywood for concrete formwork

Kerto-S LVL beams for truss chords

Kerto® LVL laminated veneer lumber truss chords

High strength for longer spans and fewer girder plies with laminated veneer lumber

Master Plank is now Kerto® LVL

​​​​Kerto-S combines excellent technical performance with ease of use. Its essential qualities include strength, dimensional precision and stability. It is the ideal choice for beams whenever long spans are required.

One of the notable features of Kerto-S is that the grains run longitudinally through all the layers. The finished panel is cross-cut and rip-sawn to order. Kerto-S is normally supplied in the form of straight beams but it can also be specially cut and shaped as required.

Kerto-S for roof beams, joists and lintels

Kerto-S beams are suitable for all roof shapes, also performing well as joists and lintels, in trussed constructions and frames. Kerto-S is also a widely used material in the manufacture of prefabricated components. It is also a perfect supporting beams for trailer floors and walls.

Kerto's light weight is of great advantage in repair and renovation work. Erection and installation can be carried out by fitters, without any heavy hoisting machinery, even in confined spaces. Kerto-S can be coated, to blend in with the rest of the architecture.

Kerto-S LVL for truss chords 

Kerto® LVL truss chords are manufactured with the grain in each veneer running parallel to the length of the chord, making it ideal for long spans. LVL (laminated veneer lumber) is stronger, straighter, lighter and more stable than sawn lumber. Available in long lengths - up to 48' - to simplify or eliminate chord splices.

Manufactured from wood - a totally renewable resource. Use of wood in construction helps store carbon and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. We take great pride in our well managed forests.

Truss Chord Sizes

Kerto® LVL truss chords are available in the widths from 5-1/2" to 16" and in lengths from 8' to 48' in 2' increments. Kerto® LVL truss chords can be combined with your 1 3/4" beam header orders. Kerto® LVL truss chords are compatible with standard hanger sizes.


Kerto® LVL truss chords may be used for plate connected trusses which require high strength tension members such as attic trusses, agricultural truss applications, girder trusses and long-span trusses.


  • Additional strength means less jobsite damage, saving money.

  • Spruce require less pressure for plate installation, minimizing machine wear.

  • Available in all standard I-joist depths to match floor elevations.

  • Values are included in major truss plate software for ease of design, engineering verification.

Green Resource

Our forests are managed according to the ISO 14001 environmental standard and the ISO 9001 quality standard. They are certified under the Finnish Forest Certification System and by the world's largest forest certification organization, the PEFC.


Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) truss chords provide predictable high strength and deflection performance because during manufacture the veneers are graded and sorted for stiffness, then laminated in a carefully controlled pattern that ensures strength and a high degree of uniformity.

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