Metsä Wood as an employer

Metsä Wood, which currently employees some 1,500 people, is part of Metsä Group. Metsä Group is a Finnish forerunner in sustainable bioeconomy which operates in international markets.

Responsible employer

Metsä Group employs 9,300 people in 30 countries. Metsä Wood has operations in 14 of these countries.

We succeed by continuously developing our operations. Our values – renewal, cooperation, reliability and responsible profitability – are important to us. The responsible management practices based on these values create a foundation for everything we do.

We invest in the professional development of our employees and their well-being and safety at work. Occupational safety is an integral part of day-to-day management. Everyone is responsible for following safety instructions, making observations about defects and shortcomings, and eliminating risks. Our focus is on preventive work that allows us to avoid dangerous situations.

The forest industry is a sector that develops all the time. Operational development and investments allow us to open our doors for future employees!

Join our team at the plywood mill in Estonia

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 

The new plywood mill in Estonia will hire both production workers and white-collar employees. Production needs employees for veneer and plywood processing, lay-up and forklift operations, as well as warehouse and dispatch jobs.

For white-collar jobs, we are hiring production supervisors, for example, as well as production planning, quality and logistics engineers.

Tasks of production workers

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 

Production work at the plywood mill involves various stages of the production process, such as lay-up, sawing, panel sanding, coating, packaging and forklift operations. We value previous experience in industrial sector jobs, but the most important thing is to have a personal interest in our industry. To be successful in your job, you need to have initiative and teamwork skills and be able to work in shifts.