A EUR 100 million investment

Demand is growing in the wood products industry, particularly in construction and the light transport equipment industry.

In 2017–2018, Metsä Wood will carry out a EUR 100 million development programme that includes investments in Finland and Estonia. The increase in the production capacity for plywood and Kerto LVL is aimed at improved profitability, as well as at speciality products, for which there is demand in growing customer segments.

A new production unit for birch veneer will be built in Äänekoski, Central Finland. The veneer will be dried, loaded into trucks and transported to the plywood mill to be built in Estonia, where the further processing line for birch plywood, currently located at Suolahti, is to be moved. All things considered, the annual production volume of birch plywood is set to grow by approximately 30,000 m3 through the investments.

The effect that Metsä Wood's investment programme will have on the financial results will be fully visible during 2019.

What plywood mill?

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 

The birch plywood mill to be built in Estonia accounts for approximately half of Metsä Wood's investment programme. The mill's production capacity is 50,000 m3 a year, and the total floor area of the mill building is roughly 28,000 m2.

The new mill needs approximately 200  new employees of which some 10 per cent are white collar employees and the rest production workers.

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Plywood products for demanding end uses

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 

The mill manufactures added-value plywood products for demanding end uses, such as the transport equipment and construction industries. The veneers the mill requires will be transported from Finland at a rate of about eight truckloads a day. The finished plywood products will be delivered primarily to Central Europe, the destination for roughly seven trucks a day.

The mill is environmentally friendly and complies with the EU's best available techniques (BAT).  It meets all of the requirements set for air emissions, noise and waste management by authorities.