FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the new birch plywood mill in Pärnu and the career opportunities there.


What kind of mill is the plywood mill in Pärnu?

Metsä Wood’s Pärnu plywood mill is part of Metsä Group, a Finnish forerunner in sustainable bioeconomy operating in international markets. Metsä Group employs 9,300 people in 30 countries. Metsä Wood, the part of the group specialising in wood products, employs approximately 1,500 people in 14 countries.

Construction of the mill in Pärnu started in April 2017 and was finished in spring 2018. The mill producesbirch plywood and production capacity of the mill is 50,000 m3 a year. Working at full capacity, the mill needs approximately 200 employees, half of whom have already been hired. The team will be completed gradually. The mill is planned to start working at full capacity by 2020.

What kind of employees are you looking for?

We are looking for employees to work in various stages of the production process, and also supervisors responsible for managing production processes. We have versatile production work in the mill. The production include various lines and you can work from veneer handling, forklift driving to plywood processing and packing/delivery. Some of the tasks include physical work, but many are more or less controlling the lines through automation.

We hire employees step by step according to the growing production volumes.  

Does an applicant need to have previous experience in the wood industry?

We are expecting people with different kinds of experience. We do value previous experience in industrial sector, but we also hire people who have none. The most important thing is interest in our industry and the desire to participate in its development. We offer comprehensive training that enables our employees to work at all production lines in the mill.

How many People will you hire?

Working at full capacity, the mill needs about 200 specialists, with some 10 per cent of these being administrative workers. We expect to achieve full capacity by 2020.

What are the working hours like?

We have three shifts – morning, evening and night.

What kind of salary are you paying for the jobs?

We pay competitive market-level salaries, taking into account work in shifts, but also one’s skills and achieving the production goals. The salary we offer consists of the main salary, position-based pay according to the difficulty of the job, and special pay based on additional skills (professional skills, maintenance skills, safety-related behaviour, quality related knowledge, etc.).

What is it like to work at the plywood mill?

The wood industry is constantly growing and developing. Therefore, we can offer exciting tasks to our employees. Currently we have about 20 production lines at the brand new mill. In the production lines the work is team work and employer supports its employees to develop themselves. Safety is our priority number 1 and we expect all of our employees to use provided safety gear.

What are the demands for an employee at the mill?

To be successful in the job, you need to have initiative and teamwork skills, and to be able to work in shifts. We expect the applicants to have an interest in our industry and the desire to develop their own skills. Everyone is expected to commit to safe working methods.

What kind of training is offered?

We offer comprehensive training and induction to all production tasks. Before starting their job, everybody gets both theoretical and practical training. This is why you do not necessarily have to have experience in the industry – your motivation to start a career in the wood industry is far more important.

What are the fringe benefits offered by the employer?

In addition to market-level salaries, we offer our employees a possibility to have meals on the mill premises. We support maintaining their well-being at work in every way we can. Our mill is a modern and safe working environment with good staff facilities. We also train our employees, encourage them to develop their own skills and, should they wish, look for career opportunities within Metsä Group.

What are the values of Metsä Wood as an employer?

As an employer, we strive to be responsible and modern, developing our activities constantly. Our values – renewal, cooperation, reliability and responsible profitability – are very important for us. The responsible management practices based on these values create a foundation for everything we do.

How to apply?

We will post all vacancies on our website at www.metsawood.ee and also announce them in other recruitment channels. Our job advertisements will always include detailed application instructions.