FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the mill project and the career opportunities in Metsä Wood’s new birch plywood mill in Pärnu, Estonia.

When will the mill be completed?

Production is meant to start in August–September 2018. The mill is expected to reach full production capacity during 2019.

When will the work begin?

We will be hiring people in stages. Some white-collar employees will be hired already in late 2017, and production workers will be hired as of the beginning of 2018.

For which positions will people be hired for?

We are mainly looking for production workers for the various phases of the production process. In addition, we are hiring white-collar employees for production supervision and development tasks.

How many employees do you plan to hire?

We will hire about 200 employees in total, of whom approximately 10 per cent will be white-collar employees, and the rest production workers.

What are the mill's working hours like?

When the mill is in full production, the production workers will work in three shifts (morning, evening and night shifts), also during the weekends.

What kind of salary are you paying for the jobs?

We will pay a market-level salary for production jobs, taking into account the shift and weekend work, as well as production targets.

What criteria will applicants need to meet?

To be successful in your job, you need to have initiative and teamwork skills and be able to work in shifts. We expect the applicants to have an interest in our field and the desire to develop their own skills. Everyone is expected to commit to safe working methods.

What kind of training will you be offering to the new employees?

We will be offering comprehensive training and induction on production tasks. This is why you do not necessarily have to have experience in the manufacturing industry – your motivation to start a career in the forest industry is far more important.

What are the fringe benefits like?

In addition to market-level salaries, we offer our employees a possibility to have meals in the mill premises and support in maintaining their well-being at work. Our mill is a modern and safe working environment with good staff facilities. We will also train our employees and encourage them to develop their own skills.

How can people apply for the jobs?

We will post all open vacancies on our website at www.metsawood.ee and announce them in other recruitment channels, too. Our job advertisements will always include detailed application instructions.