Hybrid City Challenge

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Benefits of hybrid construction

In construction, efficiency has always been a big challenge.
The speed of ubanization makes it an even bigger one.

We are forced to build at breakneck speed to support the ever-growing need of housing – while keeping expenses low. And then there’s the environment.

Construction alone uses 50% of the world’s resources and causes 30% of all CO2 emissions.

The world needs a Plan B: A Hybrid City.

We are dedicated to finding ways to use more wood without disrupting the construction process. So that nothing has to change but the material. Together, we can make concrete, steel and wood work as one.

Sustainability that fits current ways of building

All construction materials have their benefits. But wood is the only material that stores carbon. We need to use more of it.

This doesn’t mean we have to change everything. In fact, projects can be made more ecological by simply adding wood to the equation. Not 100%, but maybe 10%, 20%, 30% – or even more.

We need to find ways to support construction companies to use more wood, while maintaining their efficiency. By creating sustainable building elements, that fit the way they construct today, we can help them build better cities, hybrid cities.

  • Hybrid City Challenge
  • Hybrid City Challenge
  • Hybrid City Challenge

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Collaborate with us 

Through our Open Source Wood -platform, we collect and award innovative ideas in hybrid construction. We call for collaboration with building engineers, construction companies and architects. Join us in finding the world's best solutions towards more efficient, sustainable and modular ways to build.


The Brief

Design an element, module or concept. Select an existing multi-storey building made of non-wooden materials. Choose an element used in the building and redesign it using Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) as the main material.


Criteria 1
efficient = modular and fits the current way of building
Criteria 2
sustainable = uses Kerto LVL as the main material
Competition summary

  • Competition ends on 31.5.2020.
  • All entries must be uploaded to Open Source Wood platform. Use keyword Hybrid City.
  • Entries are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC BY 4.0) – as with all Open Source Wood uploads.
  • Read the full instructions on how to participate
  • Competition ends on 31.5.2020 at 24:00 CET

Values guide Metsä Group's operations


Winner: €10.000
2nd and 3rd:  2 x €5,000


Organizer withholds the right to allocate the prize money between the best entries if it sees fit. The winners are selected by a group of experts within the Open Source Wood community.




Case: D(emountable) – hybrid structure with steel frame and wooden elements

  • D(emountable)
  • D(emountable)
  • D(emountable)

​Pictures copyright: cepezed | Lucas van der Wee

Building D(emountable) in Delft is a four-storey office building that has a hybrid structure combining a steel frame with wooden elements. The building project was fast: it took just a few months from the drawing board to a finalized building, and the load-bearing structure was put together in only three weeks.