Plan B architects' competition: The city above the city

Plan B competition

The city above the city

The jury

The jury members were chosen because of their concern for the challenges and threats posed by growing urban populations - and a visionary understanding of how engineered wood can be used mitigate the negative effects of urbanisation. The jury has extensive in-depth expertise in wood structure architecture and sustainable design.

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Michael Green – Chairman

Michael Green founded his architecture firm MGA and his not for profit school DBR | Design Build Research to focus on progressive architecture, research, education and innovation.  From offices in Vancouver and Portland, he and his team of 25 designers work on international projects that are diverse in their scale, building type and location. Michael is vested in helping build healthier communities through innovative architecture, interiors, landscape, and urban design. Michael is particularly known for his research, leadership and advocacy in promoting the use of wood in the built environment with extensive international talks on the subject, including 3 TED events culminating in his 2013 TED talk which has been viewed over a million times.

“Construction must become sustainable and cities must stay liveable. I am happy that so many architects share this view, especially the younger generation,” says Michael Green , chair of the jury. “The entries were innovative and added value to both the building and the community.”


Michael Green 

Mike Kane


Mike Kane is a British senior lecturer at London South Bank University in architecture, and a director of KMK Architects. Kane focuses on the ways in which cities can prepare for the changes in climate, limitation on resources and increasing urbanization. He has regularly contributed to the Energy & Resource efficiency module and has a keen interest in low-carbon and resource efficient architecture.

​“Building wooden extensions in existing communities can be a significant solution for urbanisation. Instead of demolishing communities, we could enhance them,” says Mike Kane. “This competition should be seen as a catalyst for future debate on sustainable and progressive cities worldwide.”

Mike Kane 

Stefan Winter

Stefan Winter is a professor at the Chair of Timber Construction and Structural at the Technical University of Munich. His main research interests  include timber construction, fire safety in timber buildings, multi-story timber structures, energy-efficient timber construction and building modernization with prefabricated components, adhesives for load-bearing timber structures, life cycle analyses and life cycle assessments.

​“The designs were realistic and demonstrated a good understanding of LVL as a building material,” says Professor Stefan Winter. “Because of its lightness and fast construction time, Kerto LVL is an ideal material for this challenge.”

Stefan Winter