Living upon La Défense  By Bui Quang Vu​​​

Living upon La Défense

​By Bui Quang Vu​​​

Vision 80 is a residential apartment building located on the Esplanade de la Défense , built in 1973 by architects Jean Pierre Jouve , Andrei Frieschlander and Charles Mamfredos . It used to be one of the most beautiful residential buildings of La Défense . But nowadays, facing with the request of development and preserve the value architectural of this neigbourhood . This proposal would like to reponse this problem with a  new structure base on wood design.

The project proposed a new 6-floors structure which will be added on the existing building. Creating a garden (hydroponique) for residential and also create a biological diversity of the area.

The first issue of adding house into the existent building is the circulation connection.
The  second system of stairs and elevator will relate with  existing structures in order to facilitate the program and  not to change the space surrounding of the site.
A structure in timber to support the block of apartment which is called as micro-housing system with the advantages of space saving space , the components can be easily moved and assembled at the site. Proposal the basic needs for the users who have had all infrastructure for living in this neighborhood( for leisure, study, meeting, working….) .  So a living space with a garden to harvest is all what they need.

The roof floor will be used as a public space for gardening and refined the new building. The idea is also to improve the cohesion of the habitant and to create a biodiversity in La defense. A space not only for the human but also for the animal and vegetable.

For the conclusion . This structure of wood with the ability to rapidly assemble. easy to transport and do not require a large site for construction will be the advantages for an adaptation to the area. solve housing request from this site and could be adapter with the strategic planning in 2025 of la defense.​​

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