Modular housing of wood By Richard Guerra Valladales & Michell Yesid Ramirez

Modular housing of wood

​By Richard Guerra Valladales & Michell Yesid Ramirez

The sites proposed for the development of competition, should take into account several aspects of vital importance that define the design parameters, such as: each terrace has particular conditions relative to the other in terms of occupancy rate available, bearing capacity, physical size and shape perimeter.

Taking into account the above parameters, it becomes a bit complex analysis of these parameters for each terrace especially because this is a high expenditure of time and investment if a particular design for each terrace is proposed.

For these reasons, this project proposes a structural modular system and modular housing, which are flexible enough to adapt to any kind of terrace.

This modular system allows to build different types of alternatives, according to the needs of its inhabitants.

The main virtue of this project is the variety of altenativas providing their building systems, which are simple and practical.

The structure is composed of wooden beams and columns, linked by metal plates. this is a simple form of box shaped structure, which enables be repeated vertically or horizontally, giving the possibility of forming different levels and spaces.

The module housing is built almost entirely from wood. all the elements of this module are standardized and prefabricated, allowing mass production and facilitates assembly.

This project focuses primarily for college students or small couples who need practical spaces to reside.

T​he overall system is designed to be efficient and profitable, both for the people who inhabit these modules and for building owners​.


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