Proto1BDR By Patricia Puello & Francisco Medina​


​By Patricia Puello & Francisco Medina​

Proto1BDR has been created inspired by the City of Vancouver City Action Plan vision of  vibrants and inclusive neighborhoods and the current housing crisis in the rental market.  

Proto1BDR is a residential prototype unit (1 bedroom apartment) that can be built on the roof tops of existing residential rental towers (concrete structure).

The project prototype is located on a existing rental building at 1949 Comox Street.  A typical rental building in the West End of the city.  The existing building consist of 11 stories and a ground floor plan.  The roof structure is concrete and the waterproofing membrane is protected with stone pavers which allows the tenants to enjoy the roof while protecting the membrane.  A mechanical penthouse is located at about the center of the roof plan.  The penthouse also contains the stair to access the roof.  This is a common layout of hundreds of rental units in the city of Vancouver.

The proposal consist of replacing the existing roof system with a green roof in order to reduce the heat island effect while allowing the Landlords to built an extra residential unit in order to offset the cost of the repairs.

Our Proto1BDR project has been designed to occupied one half of the roof plan in order to allow other tenants to enjoy the roof.  Proto1BDR has been design with LVL as a main core structure of the project.  The shell of the project has been cladded with metal cladding  to protect the structure of the weather and a green roof have been incorporated to follow the main roof intension.

The project consist basically of 4 LVL panels (roof, 2 walls & the floor) taking advantage of structural stability of Kerto LVL panel system while facilitating the logistics and construction on an existing roof.  Other design considerations are:

Tilted inward exterior walls with no overhangs in order to reduce the wind lifting effect while protecting the walls from the weather (rain).
- Continuous gutter which bisect the green roof in two.  Allowing to catch the rain water run off and providing a design feature (inside and outside)
- Exposed LVL panels at interior finishes for a tectonic consistence
- Raised floor structure on concrete plinths and steel beams to separate the existing roof structure and the new structure​​

City Above the City architecture competition

Plan B : City Above the City architecture competition 

Metsä Wood challenged architects and students around the world to push the boundaries of modern wood building design in the urban environment. Entrants from 40 countries created their Plan B to urbanisation using wood (Kerto® LVL – laminated veneer lumber) as the main material. The task was to design a wooden extension to an existing urban building. The entries were designed to 69 cities worldwide.

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