The Pentagonal Colosseum By Arch Salvatore La Cavera, Norbert-Adalbert Karpati & Cezar-Cristian Mirzan

The Pentagonal Colosseum

​By Arch Salvatore La Cavera, Norbert-Adalbert Karpati & Cezar-Cristian Mirzan


The world's most magnificent arena has become during history,  it's most notorious, on a truly roman scale. This is a story about a monument that has survived even the collapse of the Great Roman Empire and has become to many people the very essence of the eternal city, Rome. 

We have  chosen the emblematic market place of the famous engineer Riccardo Morandi for many reasons. One of them was because the Italian laws have changed and since it doesn't have more than a hundred years, it can still be demolished, which some politicians intend. We think it would be an architectural lose to our society and decided to convert it into a luxury condominium.

 The area, San Giovanni, is already seen as a good area to live in, due to it's position and facilities. Therefore we have taken the existing shape and inspiration from the Colosseum and thus has the shape been born. The apartments will have great natural light due to the fact that it receives it from two sides, a suspended garden in front of each apartment, and even a private swimming pool, which we must not forget, existed once at the Colosseum itself. The pool has also a second purpose, that of generating a game of lights in the parking place beneath, because the glass atrium will be preserved. 

The elevated part of the building has the purpose to dominate the other buildings making them subordinated to The pentagonal Colosseum, the way the actual Colosseum does. It also gives good views towards the San Giovanni in Laterano basilica, and also other important monuments in Rome. The elevation houses a luxury restaurant with and exclusive design made out of wood and above a gym, offering a splendid panorama to its clients.

Each apartment has generous space, with luxury facilities like Finish sauna and Turkish bath, large day rooms as well as bedrooms, offering​ the great roman experience to its inhabitants, which is comfort, art and contemporanity.​

City Above the City architecture competition

Plan B : City Above the City architecture competition 

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