TAT tower B​​y Fatma Aluç &  Leyla Senem Görgülü ​​

TAT Tower

​​B​​y Fatma Aluç &  Leyla Senem Görgülü ​​


The struggle for housing the world’s growing urban population has become even more difficult with the onset of global warming. Therefore, we need different solutions. We can change the world with the help​ of wood. We selected Istanbul which is the one of the world’s densest city. Later, we chose Tat Tower. The building is under threat of demolition. 

We designed a solution with wood. Because, wood is a sustainable and flexible material. Lately, many wood systems have been developed. In our designed, Kerto LVL’s products encouraged and impressed us. We used Kerto LVL’s products. In our design, the primary programmatic element is housing. The design has a flexible feature. Between two wood columns, there are additional boxes. These boxes allow people to design theirs house. Thus, The flexibility of opening and closing the spaces provided.  Because, extra wood coloums are in these boxes. The building has a dynamic structure. We proposed a structure that can grow continuously. Designed modules can be increased according to need. In our design, we maintain the circulation core of the existing building.​

City Above the City architecture competition

Plan B : City Above the City architecture competition 

Metsä Wood challenged architects and students around the world to push the boundaries of modern wood building design in the urban environment. Entrants from 40 countries created their Plan B to urbanisation using wood (Kerto® LVL – laminated veneer lumber) as the main material. The task was to design a wooden extension to an existing urban building. The entries were designed to 69 cities worldwide.

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