As Londons housing crisis worsens, communities are increasingly being torn apart and moved to the outskirts. We seek to build in the region of 50,000 new homes a year for the foreseeable future to meet the shortfall of housing. However currently this is coming at a cost. Not only our we missing the hous¬ing targets, long established communities from di¬verse backgrounds our being split and broken down and removed from their homes, for the development of mega towers, demolishing small scaled buildings and replacing them with mega towers, with little to no regard of neighbours or communities - many who are being pushed out of London.

Houseman Way part of the Elmington Estate is formed of three housing blocks, currently derelict waiting to be demolished to make way for new luxury flats. Through my research I focus on the ad-aptation of the three housing blocks in Elmington Es¬tate. Considering a sustainable community I am also considering food as a source of sustainability.

The proposal is a response to current shortage of good quality affordable housing. The concept retains the primary structure, encasing the building with a timber frame which within pre-fabricated CLT pods are inserted back to the main concrete structure - allowing for adaptability. The proposal is not a response specifically to Houseman Way but a concept which can be replicated to many estate blocks.

London is almost entirely dependent on FOOD being brought into our capital from national and interna¬tional regions. However there are main triggers which affects the price we pay for our produce - oil prices, food and production costs and the availability of pro¬duce these all raises concerns for the supply of food for London. Eighty percent of all food consumed or brought in London is imported from abroad. I look at how we can reduce the quantity London imports.

LSBU Urban Wood project

The building now

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Project location:

Elmington Estate, Houseman Way, London, SE5 7QT

Architectural design and details

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  • Project 4 technical details
  • Project 4 technical details
  • Project 4 technical details

The designer: Mandeep Ryait

I am currently working at PRP based in Barbican with my focus within the residential sector.

Having worked at PRP for nearly 4 years I have gained invaluable experience working on master planning, residential and mixed use design. My core focus within architecture has been housing.

I have keen interest in social housing and how this impacts the occupants and society around us and the key role architects play. Thought my studies I have learnt how influential architecture is on society and how good architecture improves society.

I think our attitudes towards housing in Britain are in need of change. With an ever changing landscape, an ever growing population we have a social responsibility to society to positively change our housing. The focus of my studies have considered social and affordable housing my dissertation looked at how social housing effects life chances with my final design project looking at how we can reduce the demand on resources but still create good quality affordable housing for those in need most.