Plan B with London South Bank University: project Urba wood

Urban Wood: An alternative architecture

Metsä Wood, architects and LSBU students challenge the perceptions of wood construction

Metsä Wood together with London South Bank University (LSBU) launched an innovative design project for architectural students at LSBU.

Students were challenged to identify how timber, (as a more cost effective and flexible building material), could be used to restore old or iconic buildings in London. The idea being that communities can be cost effectively refurbished rather than torn down and rebuilt from scratch.

The project was designed to challenge perceptions of the next generation of architects so that timber is seen as a true alternative in everything from structures to exteriors and its potential for the city buildings of the future.

On this site you will find the introductions to the best designs. 

Plan B for London's Walworth

Students of LSBU working on building wooden extensions to urban buildings 

Students of London South Bank University have published their Plan B for London’s Walworth. The projects focus on creating sustainable alternatives for the community around their own school. Instead of demolishing the existing communities, the future architects designed extensions to buildings using engineered wood - Kerto® LVL.

“We were inspired by Metsä Wood’s Plan B project where they re-designed iconic buildings with wood. We also wanted to present sustainable alternatives to the development of our own community”, says Lilly Kudic, Head of Architecture at LSBU.

London South Bank University

Architecture has been taught at London South Bank University for over a hundred years.  The current department grew out of the London County Council School of Building and Brixton School of Building.  Distinguished alumni of these schools include Julius Posner, Peter Salter, and Patrik Schumacher.  Architecture at LSBU is concerned with innovation in constructional systems, and the crafting of resource efficient materials to create architecture with social purpose and professional relevance.

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Ronald Yee is a practising architect and part time tutor on the MArch course at LSBU. He teaches at the same Masters Unit as the Mike Kane.

He has a particular interest in resource efficient structures and specialises in long span bridge design. Built projects include:- Pont Vasco da Gama - Portugal; Tsing Ma Bridge - Hong Kong; Bhumibol Bridges - Bangkok; and the River Suir Bridge - Waterford.

​Mike Kane is a Senior Lecturer in Architecture and Director of KMK Architects. His primary interest focuses on the ways in which cities can prepare themselves for the changes in climate, limitations on resources, and unprecedented urban growth. He has regularly contributed to the Energy & Resource efficiency module and has a keen interest in the low-carbon and resource efficient Architecture. His focus is concerned with a progressive and informed achitectural design approach & the energy input to construction prior to occupation.

Lilly Kudic is an associate professor and head of architecture at London South Bank University (LSBU). She has extensive design studio experience at all levels of architectural education, leading BA2 and BA3 studios for 5 years, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture studio for 15 years; Lilly’s students have received the RIBA President’s Bronze and Silver Medals, and have been commended at both Bronze and Silver level on a number of occasions. Graduates of her studio work in the offices of Foster and Partners, Niall McLaughlin, Wilkinson Eyre, Stanton Williams, and Zaha Hadid Architects, among many other distinguished practices.

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