Wooden construction is faster, lighter, greener

Architects and customers chose the Colosseum in Rome as our first Plan B case. Architect Antti Laiho from Helin & Co. Architects did the concept planning, together with Metsä Wood's structural engineers.

The challenge was to design a recognisable but modern version of the original using wood as the main material. The size and the basic structure are the same as in the original amphitheatre in Rome.

Emphasis was put on reducing construction time and costs using prefabricated modular elements. As the wooden supporting beams would be a whole metre thinner than the original stone pillars, the wooden Colosseum would have 12% more space, which could be used for example for VIP lounges, restaurants or even apartments.

Have a look at how architect Antti Laiho  and Metsä Wood's engineers made the new and improved wood architecture version of this landmark!

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Concept planning

See the architect’s approach to the wooden Colosseum – from initial sketches to the first 3D model.

Technical design

See how the structural engineer would realise the architect’s plan – from connections to bracing.


See how the actual construction and logistics would be carried out – saving time, money and nature.