Sustainable construction: Nailing it

Metsä Wood construction expert Marko Kellberg looks at building projects with a practical eye. He points out that while the task of building the Colosseum from wood is quite interesting, the basic challenges it presents are no different than those in other projects of this scale. By choosing Metsä Wood’s Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) as our basic material, the result is a project that is faster, lighter, and greener.

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Fast construction

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 

Finishing faster means revenues start sooner

In today’s highly competitive building sector time really is money. Faster construction is becoming ever more important for financial success. Projects are completed more rapidly with Metsä Wood’s Kerto-LVL, which results in revenue being generated sooner.


Modular building – more efficient, less expensive

Choosing a system of prefabricated wood elements is less costly and more efficient. Our Kerto modules are pre-fabricated in a specialised factory setting, resulting in the advantages of increased efficiency and quality control.

Our pre-fabricated sections are less costly to assemble once they arrive at the building site. Simple, precise connection points and lightness make for a faster onsite process. For example, a factory can assemble a 2,000 square meter roof in one week. And a 1,500 square meter prefabbed roof can be installed in just one day. That’s three to four times faster than with traditional methods.


Safety matters

In large-scale construction projects safety is a major issue. Prefabricating building elements under controlled factory conditions results in fewer accidents compared with onsite accident rates.


Lightness matters

light weight wooden construction materials 

Less weight delivers lower costs

Building with Metsä Wood solutions is less expensive than traditional choices like concrete and steel, from the ground up. The lighter weight of building materials means less pile driving and earth-moving when making the foundation.

Less costly transportation
Transporting Metsä Wood's pre-fabricated building materials costs significantly less than other materials and methods. More building elements per truck – often 5–6 times more than with concrete – mean lower costs, and also less construction traffic, dust and noise. And these same advantages also apply to the building process.

Fewer columns, more flexibility: Kerto
Fewer columns, more flexibility: Kerto

​A lighter over-all building mass requires fewer columns to support its weight. The building is more spacious and open – and allows for more flexible and multi-use applications of the facility.

MEtsä Wood Floor - Birch plywood for flooring
Floor: Metsä Wood Floor

Metsä Wood Floor is birch plywood overlaid with multi-layer phenol film with a rough wire mesh pattern. The rough-surfaced Metsä Wood Floor is an heavy-duty, multipurpose plywood flooring panel for applications requiring a reliable, long-lasting anti-slip surface.

Plywood and Kerto for concrete formwork
Concrete formwork: Form Plus

​Metsä Wood has launched a new birch plywood panel for concrete formwork applications featuring an innovative coating that enhances the smoothness of architectural concrete surfaces. Called FormPLUS, a patent-pending coating provides much more resistance to moisture absorption in order to dramatically reduce the ripple and grain marks that conventional plywood panels can leave on visual concrete.

Plywood for concrete formwork - Metsä Wood FormPlus


Birch plywood - Metsä Wood Form
Stage: Metsä Wood Form

Metsä Wood Form is birch plywood, in which both sides are overlaid with phenol film and the edges are sealed. Form plywood is the formwork panel of choice for smooth surfaced concrete elements. It can also be used as a multi-purpose, maintenance-free sheathing panel for various other uses.

Suitable plywood for every purpose
Seats and stand floor

​Seats: Metsä Wood Spruce Flex

Metsä Wood Spruce Flex is a coniferous plywood panel overlaid with a coloured UV-resistant thermoplastic overlay. Panel is suitable for non-residential interior and exterior applications such as wall and ceiling panels for agricultural constructions and warehouses.

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Stand floor: Metsä Wood Granit Top

Metsä Wood Granit is birch plywood panel overlaid with special decorative overlay. High visual quality and wear-resistant surface makes Metsä Wood Granit durable, multipurpose plywood flooring panel.

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