Detmold, Germany 20th November

The fourth Open Source Wood hackathon at the end of November was held with Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences in Detmold, Germany. The hackathon events are part of Metsä Wood’s Open Source Wood initiative, aiming to increase openness and global collaboration in the use of wood in construction.

The 18 participants, students of the Master of Integrated Design (MID), were divided into four groups and given the challenge of designing a new building in the university area using wooden modules and elements. The school has a strong emphasis on computational design, and this certainly showed in the teams’ approach to the task.



End  result

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After the busy day, a project called “Modular Grid Structure” was voted as the best design of the day. The design consists of a roof made of a hexagonal grid supported by grid columns. This modular, laser-cut structure can be efficiently prefabricated using a computational model. Using Metsä Wood’s Kerto® LVL products for the construction makes it strong and easily expandable.

In the winning team were the students Mahmoud Abdel Mohsen, Maria Eero, Max Müh and Pavel Furtsev. The group was also given the opportunity to test their design with a model produced in the university’s laboratory.

What is Open Source Wood hackathon?

Open Source Wood hackathon in Espoo 

Hackathon is an event of creative problem solving. In Open Source Wood hackathons, people come together to solve a challenge in groups of about 5 individuals, and dive into a challenge. Each event has its own unique challenge


What is Open Source Wood?

Open Source Wood is an open ideas platform to foster modular wood construction. Open source in wood construction fosters innovation and increases knowledge.

Currently, not nearly enough knowledge about modular wood design and building is shared. There is plenty of innovation, but it’s often not so easy to find. By sharing our best ideas and solutions openly we will deliver significantly increased growth. All shared elements are licensed CC BY 4.0. Open Source Wood has been initiated by Metsä Wood.