Open Source Wood Hackathons

Open Source Wood Hackathon brings people from across many disciplines together to generate amazing timber building. Participants come together, ideate, problem solve and present their ideas - all in one day! It's an intense and fun day where you will meet a lot of people in an environment with a healthy spirit of competition, plenty of experimentation, and lots of cooperation. We hope to see you there!

The Challenge is to create an innovative wood element for building design in multidisciplinary teams, mentored by experts.

The first Hackathon event was organised on December 13th, 2017 in Nantes, France. Below are the end results.


Open Source Wood Hackathon in Nantes Dec 2017

​The first Open Source Wood Hackathon was organised in December in Nantes. The challenge was to create an innovative wood element or a module in multidisciplinary teams, mentored by experts.

Watch the video to feel the spirit of the exciting day




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Solution to emergency relocation after a storm or other natural disaster.

SafeCube is a simple, quick to build solution for temporary housing.  SafeCube is delivered as a “lego kit” that can be fitted into one maritime container. All parts are light enough to be carried by 2 people, without using a mechanical crane. You don't need electricity, you only need a hammer and wrenches.

All components of the SafeCube can be recycled.

The modular system is built using  Kerto® LVL T-studs for the columns and beams (45x140 mm²). Bolted plywood gussets (21 mm) are used to link the columns and beams. Kerto® LVL L-panel is used for the bracing envelop (27 mm).

Team members: Philippe Blanchard, Antoine Gerard, Maxime Boucicaud, François Morisset, Maxime Baudrand


Design for a floating city.

The concept aims at building large autonomous and floating neighbourhood size developments in coastal and riverside areas. Floating buildings are made of reinforced concrete hulls with water ballast on top of which are superimposed three levels of constructions: one technical level under water line; one working and living level above; one green gardening and farming at rooftop level.

The modules are made exclusively of Kerto® LVL panels for walls, floor and roof as well as Kerto posts and beams. The dimensions for one module are: 3 m  x 9 m  x 2.7 (w x l x h). The module envelope is covered with rigid fire resistant thermal materials and waterproofed with ventilated cladding panels and roofing material.

The modules and building kits can be prefabricated in mobile industrial facilities such as large factory ships.

Team members: Rémi Thépaut, Mathilde Godard, Floris Marchais, Christophe Henry


Mobile living in Sahara desert

“Kerto Ski” is a modular design concept for light buildings that need to be easily moved to a different place. It can be used in harsh environments as deserted zones, where it can be filled in with sand to assure the building stability to wind efforts.

It is prefabricated with 3 horizontal pieces in Kerto® LVL S-beams (machined to a shape of a ski), overlapping 2 columns made of Kerto® LVL Q-panels. The columns are 0.50m heigh to allow the natural ventilation of the slab. All the elements are glued and screwed. A metallic plate is screwed to the Kerto Ski to assure timber protection and sliding comfort.

A slab (75mm thick) made of Kerto® LVL Q-panel can be used for a 3m-span flooring. The building on the sliding foundations can be a light beams and posts twin elements folded-out for an easy transport and a quick on-site assembly.

Team members: Bastien Lagofun, Francesca Lanata, Christophe Bonnin, Gaëtan Genès, Kevin Guidoux


Open Source Wood hackatons 

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The first Open Source Wood Hackathon was held in Nantes, France, on December 13th, 2017. After that we have had several events - and more will be announced soon!

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