Open Source Wood hackathon in Espoo

Open Source Wood hackathon

Espoo, Finland 27th March

The second Open Source Wood was organised in Espoo, Finland. The participants were architecture students from MIT and Aalto University. The challenge was to design a residential extension on top of an existing building using Kerto LVL.




​Team 1

Team members: Andrea Baena, Anne Grosset-Brun, Anni Nokkonen, Apostolos Mitropoulos,
Nagi Kumagai, Steven Kosovac


​Team 2

Team members: Miho Ohya, Thomas Mayer, Nathaniel Elmer, Christina Clow, Chelsea Qui, Lotta Pakarinen


​Team 3

Team members: Gerardo Armanet, Hiroto Tanabe, Maryam Liravi, Ornella Angeli, Soren Arnevik, Yllka Kucuku, Christopher Weaver


Team 4

Team members: Anran Li, Athanasios Zervos, Karina Flores, Karl Vinge, Melek Pellegatta, Thuy Than Le​

The hackathon is part of Metsä Wood’s Open Source Wood initiative aiming to increase openness and global collaboration to make wood construction grow.

Altogether 30 architecture students, teachers and professors from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Finnish Aalto University took part in the hackathon. Students were divided into teams with a concrete and challenging mission: to design residential living units on top of an existing parking hall in a prominent location. The assignment was to use engineered Kerto® LVL products and finish the design in just six hours.

“I think not sharing is good way of stopping development. In our educational work we always look for the solutions that have already been made. Utilizing something already invented is not copying, it’s a wise way to develop your own design. This hackathon was a great opportunity for all of us to learn. Building extensions is topical issue, and even just one good idea per day is a great achievement”, professor Pekka Heikkinen, the leader of Wood program at Aalto university, says.

At the end of the day, all teams presented the fruits of their co-operation. The winning design called Matrix introduced a modular plan for residential housing using flexible living units with sliding floor and wall panels.

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Open Source Wood Hackathon in Espoo 


Open Source Wood hackathon in Espoo 

Program of the day

  • Opening words
  • Open Source Wood Initiative
  • MIT
  • Aalto University
  • Lunch
  • Team challenge
  • Wrapping up & team presentations
  • Choosing and awarding winners
  • Closing session