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Free online courses about Metsä Wood's products

Timber Academy - online courses for wood construction professionals

To serve our customers better and better we are offering free online video courses about our products. Courses cover a wide range of topics with a technical approach, and not just by underlining the characteristics of the products but introducing the advantages products offer.


SPA-Bungalow - unique sauna experience


The SPA-Bungalow offers visitors a unique sauna experience at an altitude of 2,690 metres, with spectacular alpine views. The bungalow at the Lötschenpass Hut hotel in Switzerland is built entirely out of Kerto® LVL Q-panels, an ideal fast, light and green material for this exclusive design.


City Above the City winner Dachkiez on show at Venice Biennale

Architect Sigurd Larsen and his team took part in the City Above the City architecture design competition organised by Metsä Wood in 2016. Their project “Dachkiez, Village on the Roof,” was one of the winners in the competition. This year, the project and the architect were invited to the Venice Biennale.


Industrial prefabrication of wood elements

Talking Wood

Architect Philip Tidwell is a teacher at the Wood Program at Aalto University Department of Architecture in Helsinki, Finland. In our new Talking Wood video Tidell explains how off-site construction makes wood construction more efficient and ecological.  Tidwell values architectural freedom made possible by using fast, light green Kerto LVL (laminated veneer lumber) as construction material.


Industrial production has started at Metsä Wood’s birch plywood mill in Pärnu

Metsä Wood officially started up its birch plywood mill in Pärnu today, 27th August 2018.


Finnwood structural calculation software

Finnwood structural design software

​Simple and easy to use, Finnwood structural calculation software performs calculations for individual beams and columns made of Kerto® LVL and other Metsä Wood products. A user-friendly interface makes designing structural members fast, efficient and effective.


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Timber Academy

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Open Source Wood is an open platform for sharing knowledge and innovation in modular wood construction. Open Source Wood gathers ideas and designs from all corners of the world and makes them available for all, free of charge. You can share your ideas, see what others have done and connect with other professionals.

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