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Talking Wood with Hannu Lehto

According to experts, the production efficiency of the construction industry has seen no significant improvement during the last decades. In the Talking Wood video, Hannu Lehto, CEO at Lehto Group, talks about the efficiency of off-site construction, the benefits of prefabrication and the role of wood in the transition of the construction industry.


Open Source Wood hackathon challenges architecture students in Germany

Open Source Wood hackathon

The fourth Open Source Wood hackathon at the end of November was held with Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences in Detmold, Germany. The hackathon events are part of Metsä Wood’s Open Source Wood initiative, aiming to increase openness and global collaboration in the use of wood in construction.


Industrial durability for the needs of transport and construction

Industrial Durability

Metsä Wood has published a new image series called “Industrial Durability”. The images visualise the value of birch plywood in the urban end-use context. The photos were taken by award-winning Finnish photographer Kimmo Syväri.

The growth of urbanization and e-commerce are driving demand for birch plywood. Construction is increasing mainly in cities, and the industry needs durable and light plywood for concrete formwork. E-commerce is increasing the number of delivery vans transporting goods in urban areas.

Watch the Industrial durability video, and explore our birch plywood products.


Advent calendar of wood construction

Advent calendar of wood construction

Happy holidays!

Isn't it amazing what wood can do? Take a look back at the 24 inspiring wood construction cases on our advent calendar..

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Lightweight wood enables ultimate architectural freedom

Architectural Lightness

Architects value wood products for their lightweight, strength and endless possibilities. Engineered wood products like Kerto® LVL have an excellent strength to weight ratio making it possible for architects to create astonishing wide-open interior spaces. Learn more about the possibilities of wood architecture.


Free online courses about Metsä Wood's products

Timber Academy - online courses for wood construction professionals

To serve our customers better and better we are offering free online video courses about our products. Courses cover a wide range of topics with a technical approach, and not just by underlining the characteristics of the products but introducing the advantages products offer.


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Open Source Wood is an open platform for sharing knowledge and innovation in modular wood construction. Open Source Wood gathers ideas and designs from all corners of the world and makes them available for all, free of charge. You can share your ideas, see what others have done and connect with other professionals.