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Concrete formwork from PERI

PERI - concrete formwork systmes

PERI uses Metsä Wood’s birch plywood in its concrete formwork systems. The Birch Ply panels are used to construct tall concrete walls and slabs on construction sites and to provide the necessary industrial durability. Most importantly, birch plywood gives a high-quality finish that meets the needs of construction companies.

PERI and Metsä Wood have been cooperating since the 1980s. This close cooperation ensures the quality and that customers’ needs are fulfilled. PERI meticulously tests all birch plywood panels.

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Reference: Concrete formwork from PERI


Open Source Wood Innovation Award given to an active member

Paul Ekema Innovation Award winner

Metsä Wood’s Open Source Wood is an initiative to share knowledge and innovations in the field of wood construction between construction professionals globally. The platform’s first ever Innovation Award has been presented to engineer and architect Paul Esombi Ekema for his achievements in advancing the idea of Open Source Wood.

The goal of Open Source Wood is to make professionals from different sides of the construction industry come together globally and rethink the way wood is used as a construction material.

“Selecting materials for construction sometimes depends on how familiar the architect or engineer is with what is available,” Ekema says. “Therefore, the platform further enriches and empowers technicians and the wider community to understand materials better.”


A wooden Metsä Pavilion in Tokyo during the 2020 Olympic Games

Metsä Pavilion - elegant Finnish wood architecture

​Metsä Group and Business Finland are joining forces in building a wooden Metsä pavilion to be used in Tokyo during the Olympic games. The pavilion will be built on the grounds of the Finnish Embassy in the centre of Tokyo, Japan.

The building will be made entirely from Metsä Wood’s Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) elements. This pavilion is an example of innovative architecture based on industrially manufactured wooden elements. The pavilion has been designed by world-renowned Finnish architect Pekka Helin from Helin & Co Architects.

The raw material for the pavilion comes from sustainably grown Finnish forests, owned by Jukka Heikkonen. 

The structural design of the Metsä Pavilion has been done by a Finnish company, AINS Group. Project Manager Lasse Hietanen is responsible for the structural design of the Metsä Pavilion. The main goal was to create this unique building using as few parts as possible, making the production of Kerto LVL as efficient as possible.


European LVL handbook has been published!

New European LVL handbook is the first comprehensive summary of the properties and end uses of LVL products. It has been compiled and published by the woodworking industry. The handbook is an extensive source of information for designers, engineers and builders.

The LVL handbook was published on September 26, 2019 at the Forum Wood Building Nordic conference in Helsinki. You can download the LVL handbook as pdf

The Federation of the Finnish Woodworking Industries and the German Studiengemeinschaft Holzleimbau published on behalf of the LVL producers a joint technical bulletin that specifies the strength classes, tolerances and additional design provisions for LVL. The calculations in the LVL Handbook are based on this bulletin.

The Technical bulletin is available on website https://puutuoteteollisuus.fi/images/pdf/LVL_bulletin_eng.pdf  


The era of extensions is now – light wood is the optimal building material

Light building

The natural qualities of wood – lightness and strength – bring multiple positive consequences for both individual constructors and societies undergoing heavy urbanisation. According to experts, one of the areas of wood construction with most potential is extension building. Wooden materials like Metsä Wood’s Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) make construction fast, light and green.

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Light building with wood


Free, downloadable Open Source Wood 3D design objects for BIM and CAD software

Open Source Wood x ProdLib

Metsä Wood’s Open Source Wood Initiative and ProdLib, a free library of 3D design models, join forces to make the latest innovation in wood-based construction easily available to everyone. With ProdLib library, you can now download the elements available on Open Source Wood to your design software.

The new Open Source Wood element library on ProdLib is available either on a web browser through online registration or downloadable as a desktop application. The library currently contains a basic set of designs from Open Source Wood, but the library is developed continuously.

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