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Kerto® LVL WeatherGuard®

Kerto LVL WeatherGuard; protection against weather during construction

Protection against weather during construction

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Kerto WeatherGuard® is a Kerto® LVL product with a hydrophobic surface. The transparent special surface treatment provides temporary protection for the product against rain and other liquid water during construction period. Thus it significantly reduces swelling and other unwanted effects of moisture. The treatment does not affect the strength properties of the product.

Hydrophobic surface rejects water

WeatherGuard treatment makes the surfaces of the Kerto® LVL hydrophobic and reduces the amount of water absorbed by the product. At the same time the treatment allows the product to breathe and water vapour to move freely.

Kerto® LVL WeatherGuard products are used like untreated Kerto® LVL products in service class 1 and 2 as defined in Eurocode 5 (interior use or exterior use covered from the weather). Kerto® LVL WeatherGuard products are handled and stored on the construction site like any other wood products.

WeatherGuard treatment gives the product a temporary protection against weather. The surfaces can be further treated with standard paints, lacquers and other protection treatments applicable on wood products. The compatibility of the additional surface treatment is recommended to be confirmed from the treatment supplier.

Benefits of the WeatherGuard treatment

Reduced water absorption of the product minimises the moisture deformations. Better dimensional stability makes on-site installation easier.

The moisture content of Kerto® LVL WeatherGuard remains lower during construction compared to untreated products. Therefore also the drying period of structures is shorter, which enables faster building time and energy savings. In addition, the risk of damage caused by wet structures decreases.

Kerto® LVL WeatherGuard properties

  • The strength and stiffness properties are as good as those of untreated Kerto® LVL.
  • The treatment does not affect the reaction and resistance to fire, slip resistance or corrosion of the fasteners compared to untreated Kerto® LVL.
  • Kerto® LVL WeatherGuard meets the requirements of formaldehyde emission class E1. The treatment does not contain any formaldehyde.
  • Kerto® LVL WeatherGuard does not contain any biocides (chemical agents against harmful organisms)
  • Kerto® LVL WeatherGuard can be disposed like untreated Kerto® LVL and it contains nothing classified as hazardous waste.

Applications for Kerto® LVL

  • Wood wall structures

  • Wood roofing

  • Wood flooring

  • Timber frames

  • Multi-storey timber frame system

  • Scaffolding and working platforms

  • Pre-fab industry

  • Kerto® LVL railway crossing panels

  • Prefabricated wood elements

  • Wooden multi-storey buildings