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Door manufacturing

Kerto® LVL in joinery

Kerto® LVL is a strong and dimensionally accurate material for joinery. Kerto LVL is a material that is easy to machine and fasten. Kerto LVL is rigid and doesn't warp, twist or cup.

The wood used in Metsä Wood's Kerto LVL (laminated veneer lumber) products comes from sustainably managed Finnish forests. Kerto LVL is an eco-friendly solution for different joinery applications. 

Joined planning together with Metsä Wood's industrial customers enables custom sized materials delivered at exactly the right time.

Door joinery

​Kerto LVL products are used as components and panels by door manufacturers. Kerto LVL Q and L panels are available as made-to-measure acoustic fire door blanks and offer unrivalled security benefits.



Using Kerto LVL is a cost effective solution to aluminium and steel re-enforcement, providing enhanced re-enforcement for composite window systems.

The dimensional stability makes Kerto LVL an ideal material for window components.

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