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Birch Acoustic Fire Door Blanks

Superior door blanks reaching -38dB (fully operational)

Suitable for the hotel industry, public buildings, hospitals, schools and high traffic areas, Metsä Wood's birch acoustic fire door blanks are designed for acoustic performance within a fire door set environment.

Metsä Wood's birch acoustic fire door blanks have been fire tested, with and without glazed openings, to European Standards* (EN1634-1) and are available in industry standard 2135mm x 915mm size for FD30 (1/2 hour) and FD60 (1 hour). Our acoustic fire door blanks are supplied calibration sanded and unlipped, ready for further processing.​​​​​​​​​​​​

Metsä Wood's birch acoustic fire door blanks are manufactured from Finnish birch plywood​​​​ using cross-bonded 1.4 mm thick veneers. The panels are sanded on both sides and their surface is smooth, hard and durable. Birch plywood is characterised by excellent strength and rigidity-related properties.

Birch plywood has good resistance to humidity and is easy to machine and reprocess. Birch plywood can be further processed using different types of veneer/overlay. The properties of the panel’s surface can be improved or the pattern on the panel surface altered, depending on the intended application.

Key Benefits:
  • Highly stable, durable and resistant to humidity
  • Easy to machine (routering and edging)
  • Perfect to veneer / overlay
  • Can be painted or stained
  • PEFC Certified – full chain of custody
  • Special sizes/specifications available to special order
​*FD30 Metsä Wood birch acoustic fire door blanks tested using Metsä Wood fire door casing/lining sets (Certifire approval number CAF184).