• Kerto® Sonans

  • Kerto® LVL S-beam

  • Kerto® LVL Q-panel and L-panel

  • Kerto® LVL T-stud

  • Kerto® LVL with WeatherGuard®

  • Kerto® LVL Qp-beam

  • Kerto® LVL MasterPlank

Wood flooring

Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) for flooring

Flexible and rapid to install flooring  panels and systems

​​​​​​​​​​​Advanced construction requires advanced solutions. Metsä Wood's wood flooring solutions are ecologically sound and deliver high performance on and off site.

Incorporating a variety of materials, including the unique Kerto® LVL, (laminated veneer lumber) our flooring solutions offer the developer and architect design a variety of benefits including design flexibility, efficient off-site construction and rapid installation. Whether the development is residential housing, schools, sports stadiums, retail, commercial or warehousing - we are confident we can provide the right solution.

Kerto® LVL wood elements, like Kerto® LVL Ripa, are ideal for long span, up to 8 m, intermediate floors. Made from Kerto they can be of both open and closed construction and insulated to the client´s exact requirements. Prefabricated elements are also quick to install.



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