• Kerto® Sonans

  • Kerto® LVL S-beam

  • Kerto® LVL Q-panel and L-panel

  • Kerto® LVL T-stud

  • Kerto® LVL with WeatherGuard®

  • Kerto® LVL Qp-beam

  • Kerto® LVL MasterPlank

Wood roofing

Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) for wood roofing

High performance roofing materials

​​​​​​​​​Advanced construction requires advanced solutions. Metsä Wood's roofing solutions are both ecologically sound and deliver high performance on and off site. Whether residential housing, schools, sports stadiums, retail, commercial or warehousing - we are confident we can provide the right solution.

Incorpoating a variety of materials, including our unique Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber), our roofing solutions offer the developer,  architect and designer a variety of benefits including design flexibility, efficient off-site construction and rapid installation. Importantly our roofing solutions have a low embodied energy and a carbon footprint that contributes to a healthy environment.

Kerto® LVL roofing elements

Kerto-Ripa® LVL roofing element 

Kerto® LVL roofing solutions are ideal for long span, up to 18 m, roof structures. Enabling the designer to remove columns and increase design flexibility. Made from Kerto® they can be of both open and closed construction and insulated to the client´s exact requirements.

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 Kerto® LVL Q-panel

Kerto-Q LVL panel used for roofing 

Kerto® LVL Q-panel is a load-bearing LVL panel and stiffening diaphragm in same products. As a load-bearing panel for the roofing it can cover large areas with single plate as the maximum size is  2,5 m x 20 m (width x length). Different cantilevered areas, for ex. eaves, can also be covered with the same panel.

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