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  • Kerto® LVL S-beam

  • Kerto® LVL Q-panel and L-panel

  • Kerto® LVL T-stud

  • Kerto® LVL with WeatherGuard®

  • Kerto® LVL Qp-beam

  • Kerto® LVL MasterPlank

Wood wall structures

Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) for wall structures

Stabilizing and functional wood wall panels

​​​​​​​Metsä Wood has solutions for building a complete wall from the wall structures to the sheeting material. Whether the development is residential housing, schools, sports stadiums, retail, commercial or warehousing - we are confident we can provide the right solution.

Kerto® LVL Q- panel

Full-length Kerto® LVL Q- panel (laminated veneer lumber) panel is a popular material in wall panels because it stabilizes the whole structure, and good fire resistance is achieved with a properly chosen thickness. Kerto® LVL Q-panels are also appreciated for their natural beauty. Kerto® LVL Q- panel provides a functional solution in structural components, particularly when a high shear strength is one of the requirements.

Kerto® LVL T-stud

With Kerto® LVL T-stud, it is easy to construct high walls, which can be counted on to remain straight. Kerto® LVL T-stud can be used with any sheet materials that are easily fixed without special tools.


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