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Vehicle soundproofing

Vehicle soundproofing with plywood

Vehicle soundproofing aims to decrease the effects of exterior noise, primarily caused by engine. In addition to engine noise, vehicle soundproofing also decreases the noise of tire, wind, and road. Noise control is applied in many ways in vehicle design to reduce the sources of noise. Selection of right materials is essential in vehicle soundproofing.

Metsä Wood's soundproofing plywood products are an ideal solution for application which require good sound insulation, high strength, and elasticity properties. Metsä Wood's acoustic plywood is used to reduce the propagation of sound between exterior and interior spaces such as the motor and passenger area. Metsä Wood's plywood is suitable for many kinds of vehicle soundproofing purposes and it has excellent characteristic for reducing the noise. Metsä Wood's plywood for vehicle soundproofing can be used in many different applications e.g for trains, buses, as well as heavy and light transport.  

In addition to sound insulation our products for vehicle soundproofing are the choice where lightweight structure is essential. Thus, the low weight also has a positive impact on the vehicle's consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Metsä Wood plywood for vehicle soundproofing

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Sonex Light - soundproofing plywoodBirch ply Sonex Light
Birch Ply Phoenix - fire rated plywood

Birch Ply Phoenix


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