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Plywood for buses

Plywood for buses

Metsä Wood's plywood for buses

Metsä Wood plywood products for buses offer solutions for the demanding end use applications in the bus industry, where passenger safety and comfort are the first priority. We offer a broad product range of plywood for buses from sound insulation and fire resistance to durable coatings and lightweight panels. Our product range allows our customers freedom in choosing the optimized product for their end use application.

Metsä Wood’s plywood products for buses have a good sound insulation, high strength and elasticity properties. Acoustic plywood reduces the propagation of sound between exterior and interior spaces such as the motor and passenger area. Our product range for buses also includes plywood, that has fire resistance properties taking fire safety aspect into account.

 Metsä Wood’s raw material used in plywood for buses is technically superior. Therefore, we are able to produce lighter, more economical components without any loss of rigidity. Low weight structure has also a positive impact on the vehicle’s consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. 

Major advantages of Metsä Wood's plywood for buses



Metsä Wood plywood for buses

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