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Train flooring

Images by: Bombardier Transportation Australia

Plywood for train flooring

Metsä Wood’s plywood products provide solutions for train flooring, where passenger safety and comfort are the first priority.

Train flooring must withstand fire according to various standards and requirements. Metsä Wood's product range for train flooring include composite structure panels, sound reduction material and aluminum combination coatings. In addition, Metsä Wood’s plywood for train flooring has exceptionally good friction values that contribute to traffic safety.

Major advantages of Metsä Wood plywood for train flooring

  • Durable and water resistant overlay
  • Highly slip resistant surface ensuring excellent loading safety
  • Light and dimensionally stable
  • Strong and rigid
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Environmentally friendly


Metsä Wood plywood for train flooring

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​Phoenix & Phoenix Sonex Light - fire rated plywood ​Phoenix & Phoenix Sonex Light
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