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Van flooring

Plywood for van flooring

Plywood for van flooring

​Van flooring requires tough, durable and anti-slip materials. Birch plywood is ideal for van flooring. Metsä Wood plywood products with a long life span are the right solution for van flooring. Birch plywood has excellent strength properties and impact resistance, which makes it especially suitable for heavy-duty van flooring.


All birch plywood products (pdf).

 Metsä Wood plywood for van flooring

​Product pageDatasheet (PDF)​
​Floor - wire mesh plywood​Floor
Deck & Deck XL - plywood floor panelsDeck & Deck XL
Top - antislip plywoodTop

​XL & KingSize

- Form XL
- Birch XL
- Granit Deck XL

​XL & KingSize

- Form XL
- Birch XL

​Integra - coated plywood​Integra
Granit Deck & Granit Top ​Granit