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Form, Form L, Form XL & FormPLUS

Form - Shuttering plywood

Form -  Shuttering plywood with smooth phenolic overlay

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Metsä Wood Form is a birch plywood, in which both sides are overlaid with phenol film and the edges are sealed. Form plywood is the shuttering plywood panel of choice for smooth surfaced concrete elements. It can also be used as a multipurpose, maintenance-free sheathing panel for various other uses.

FormPLUS - Ultra-smooth shuttering plywood  with smooth phenolic overlay

Metsä Wood FormPLUS plywood panel surface has a special treatment which makes the surface moisture repellent. Hence the FormPLUS panel surface is able to remarkably reduce surface rippling and provides a smooth concrete cast surface from the first use.

FormPLUS is available in a selection of standard sizes from 1200 to 1525 mm x 2400 to 3660 mm. Other sizes can be produced on request.

Available in large sizes

Read more about Form XL large plywood sheet.


Metsä Wood Form & FormPLUS can be used for different concrete formwork uses. The durable overlays ensure smooth concrete cast finish and multiple uses.

Metsä Wood Form & FormPLUS are a general panels used in variety of applications in transport industry, building applications and other applications.

Major advantages

The base plywood in Form & FormPLUS shuttering plywood is Birch, which is bonded with a weather and boil-resistant phenolic resin adhesive. A smooth and durable phenolic film is hot-presser onto the panel surface. The film surface is semi-glossy, smooth, hard and slippery. It withstands abrasion, is moisture resistant and can tolerate commonly used chemicals as well as diluted acids and alkalis. The surface is easy to clean with water or steam. Moisture absorption is minimal.


Form - Shuttering plywood
FormPlus - ultra-smooth shuttering plywood