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Phoenix & Phoenix Sonex Light

Phoenix fire rated plywood

Fire rated plywood with aluminium overlay

Metsä Wood Phoenix is a fire rated birch plywood that provides greater fire protection for the railway vehicle industry. Vehicle floors must withstand fire according to various standards and requirements. Phoenix fire rated plywood panels are composite structure panels made of birch plywood, sound reduction material and an aluminium combination coating. As a new feature, the Phoenix fire rated plywood panel is now also sound-insulating.

The new Phoenix fire rated plywood family now includes:

Phoenix: birch plywood basic panel, flame-proof aluminium surface
Phoenix Sonex Light: birch plywood basic panel, flame-proofed aluminium surface, sound-insulating Sonex Light structure

Key features of the fire rated plywood panels:

  • Improved fire protection
  • Sound absorbing properties
  • Air tight surface
  • Water vapour barrier
  • High strength/weight ratio
  • High durability
  • Versatile in use, can be painted, coated etc.
  • PEFC certified (raw material is sourced from sustainably managed forests)

Product tests:

The fire resistance of Phoenix panels has been tested according to several national standards and directives. Fire classifications of Metsä Wood Phoenix product range cover the following thicknesses: Phoenix (12-50 mm),  Phoenix Sonex Light (13-21mm).


​Phoenix Sonex Light

prEN 45545-2: 2012: R10
(equal to EN 45545-2: 2013)
​HL1 to HL3​HL1 to HL3
​EN 45545-2: 2013: R1, R7 HL1 to HL3​​-
​DIN 5510-2: 2009 ​SF1 to SF3​SF1 to SF3
​NFX 10702/NFX 70100,
NF F 16101: 1988, NF P92-
501: 1995, NF P 92-507: 2004
​UNE 23721: 1990,
UNE 23727: 1990
​BS 6853: 1999 ​1a​1b
​ASTM E162, ASTM E662,
SMP 800C, Boeing BSS 7239
​-​meets requirements
​EN 13501-1: 2007 ​B-s1,d0 ​-
​CEI UNI 11170: 2010 ​LR1 to LR4​-


Product tests:

Both panels have been tested according to EN13501-1 (2007) and they comply with the highest European fire rating possible for wood panels (SBI, Single Burning Item) B- s1, d0.

Metsä Wood Birch's major advantages

There are several advantageous properties in hardwood plywood panel products making them the quality solution for your project,


Phoenix fire rated plywood