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Sonex Light

Sonex Light soundproof plywood

Metsä Wood Sonex Light soundproof plywood

Noise control is applied in many ways in vehicle design to reduce sources of noise. Noise can be controlled by choosing the right vehicle materials. Soundproof plywood is used to reduce the propagation of sound between exterior and interior spaces such as the motor and passenger area.

Choose Sonex Light soundproof plywood wherever proper sound insulation is needed: from the floor and wall structures of buses and trains to various construction uses.

Sonex Light soundproof plywood panels contain Amorim cork rubber to improve sound insulation. Sonex Light is the choice for vehicles where proper sound insulation and lightweight structure are key points. The low weight also has a positive impact on the vehicle's consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Sonex Light soundproof plywood panels possesses excellent characteristics for reducing the engine noise of buses and other large vehicles.

Metsä Wood Birch's major advantages

There are several advantageous properties in hardwood plywood panel products making them the quality solution for your project.

Sonex Light soundproof plywood