• Plywood for concrete formwork

  • Trailer flooring

  • Plywood for buses

  • Bus flooring

  • Plywood for trains

  • Train flooring

  • Plywood for vans

  • Van flooring

  • Plywood for commercial vehicles

  • Vehicle soundproofing

  • Plywood flooring

  • Plywood walls

  • Roofing plywood

XL & KingSize plywood

Metsä Wood XL large plywood sheets

XL size panels are large plywood sheets are especially tailored for concrete element industry and commercial vehicle flooring. The large size panels reduce the number of visible concrete joints. This gives a better visual appearance for large size concrete elements and enables large size one piece components for the commercial vehicles. 

The largest available panel size is 6000 mm x 2200 mm.

Metsä Wood XL products

- Metsä Wood Birch XL
- Metsä Wood Deck XL
- Metsä Wood Flex XL
- Metsä Wood Form XL
- Metsä Wood Granit Deck XL

Metsä Wood XL products: Birch XL, Deck XL, Flex XL, Form XL (pdf)

Metsä Wood KingSize large plywood sheets

Metsä Wood KingSize large plywood sheets are suitable for applications that require large size panels and high technical properties. Larger panels facilitate and accelerate installation and provide structures with a high degree of rigidity.

The largest available panel size is 13700 mm x 2800 mm.

Metsä Wood KingSize products

- Metsä Wood Birch KingSize
- Metsä Wood Form KingSize
- Metsä Wood Deck KingSize

Metsä Wood KingSize products: Birch, Deck, Form (pdf)

Metsä Wood Birch's major advantges

There are several advantageous properties in hardwood plywood panel products making them the quality solution for your project.


Large plywood sheets
Large plywood sheets