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Flex & Flex XL

Birch Ply Flex – High quality plywood

High quality plywood

Metsä Wood Flex is a high quality plywood panel with a coloured thermoplastic overlay. Flex is available in range of colours and ready finished surfaces. Birch Flex is a strong and rigid panel that has excellent impact and crack resistance. The high quality plywood’s surface is easy to fix and cut.
The surface of the overlay is slightly structured to improve wear and scratch resistance. Overlay is elastic, tough and does not crack easily. The overlay is safe to use and it is free of chlorine, halogens, plasticizer, formaldehyde and heavy metals. The surface is easy to clean with water and normal detergents. Strong acids, alkalis and e.g. acetone may cause visual changes on the surface. High quality Flex plywood products have very high surface quality and the surface is susceptible to scratches due to its softer appearance, extra caution has to be practised in handling and storing the panels to prevent damage. Extreme moisture penetration may cause visible changes on the appearance of the product.

Available in large sizes

Read more about Flex XL large plywood sheet.


The combination of technical properties with high class surfaces makes Flex an excellent panel for various interior applications. Birch Flex provides an easy ready finished surface solution. In transport industry it is suitable for transit and flight cases. For building industry Birch Flex offers a high quality option for furniture, shop-, kitchen- and sanitary fittings.