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Spruce Plywood Manual

Spruce Plywood Manual

Spruce Plywood manual

​​​​​​​​Metsä Wood Spruce Plywood Manual is an information package for everybody working with Metsä Wood spruce plywood. Spruce Plywood Manual provides a comprehensive view to the Metsä Wood spruce plywood products, end uses, installation instructions, technical properties and choosing the right panel for each use.

Please note, the calculations and tables on this version are based on the general Eurocode, and country specific factors (if there are some) are not taken into account.

1. Introduction
2. Flooring
3. Roofing
4. Ceilings
5. Interior walls
6. Renovation
7. Mould protection
8. Weather protection
9. Fire solutions
10. Product information
11. Technical information
12. Sustainability
13. Instructions 

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