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Spruce MouldGuard

Metsä Wood Spruce Ply MouldGuard

Construction plywood for moist construction conditions

​​​​​​​​Metsä Wood Spruce MouldGuard is construction plywood. It is a surface impregnated softwood plywood panel. The treatment of the construction plywood reduces significantly the risk of mould growth compared to unprotected softwood plywood panels. The resistance to mould and blue stains is up to 5 times better.

The construction plywood's natural looking light brown surface is ready to use and is suitable for moist conditions. The surface can be unsanded or sanded on both sides. Spruce MouldGuard construction plywood can be further treated with standard paints, lacquers and varnishes applicable on wood products. The treatment has no influence on the corrosion properties of the fasteners. Direct contact with foodstuffs, animal feed or similar must be avoided.

Spruce MouldGuard is an all-purpose construction plywood panel to conditions where the relative air moisture content might exceed 75%. The construction plywood panels can be used in the same way as standard Metsä Wood Spruce plywood panels. Most preferable applications for the product can be found in use class 2 and 3.1 conditions (EN335-1).

Spruce MouldGuard construction plywood can be used in applications such as roofs, attics, agricultural buildings and car shelters. The product can also be used in floor and wall structures.

Read more about Metsä Wood Spruce MouldGuard (pdf)

 Constuction plywood - Spruce MouldGuard