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Spruce plywood for all construction

Metsä Wood spruce plywood products are excellent construction panels. They are ideal for both interior ​​​​​​​​and exterior construction work and any other application which requires strength, dimensional stability and lightweight versatility.

Metsä Wood spruce plywood products are manufactured from a long-grained, homogenous Nordic conifer with straight fibers. Metsä Wood has a versatile product range based on high-quality raw materials, an efficient supply chain and outstanding customer service. The aim of the company is to develop understanding of customers' business to be able to develop solutions to match their increasingly demanding requirements.

Metsä Wood spruce plywood products are certified, CE marked and environmentally friendly. They fulfil the strictest requirements set on wood based materials.

Metsä Wood's spruce plywood panels are light, easy to work with and easy to install using conventional wood-working tools and fasteners. Excellent weather and boil-proofing is ensured by using fully water proof adhesives in our manufacturing process.

Plywood  applications

  • Roofing plywood

  • Plywood walls

  • Plywood flooring

  • Vehicle soundproofing

  • Plywood for commercial vehicles

  • Plywood for concrete formwork

  • Trailer flooring

  • Plywood for buses

  • Bus flooring

  • Plywood for trains

  • Train flooring

  • Plywood for vans

  • Van flooring

Spruce plywood products