MEtsä Wood products sold only in UK

Products available in the UK

UK specific products

In addition to the Kerto, Spruce Plywood, Birch Plywood Finnjoist , sawn timber  products and MasterPlank LVL scaffold boards which are available to purchase globally, Metsä Wood UK produces a wide range of products for interior and exterior use, available exclusively in the UK.

The comprehensive range includes deckings and balustrades, interior and exterior claddings, machined mouldings,  PTG flooring, planed square edge (PSE) timber, door linings and casings, sawn joinery, Masterplank LVL scaffold boards, Hunter woodshavings, MegaSpread woodshavings and Nordic fencing.

Decking boards and balustrades 

Extensive range of decking boards and balustrades

Whether you are planning to design and build a new deck or rejuvenate an existing area, it's worth weighing up the pros and cons of the various deck board finishes and range of balustrades  available.

With four different decking board options to choose from, Metsä Wood provides the widest range of decking available on the market, available from selected merchants nationwide. Whether you choose traditional slow-grown softwood decking or one of our specialist products like WalkSure®Thermowood or ProFi® Deck 150 composite decking, you can be assured our timber is fully certified and of the highest quality.

Machined mouldings 

Including skirtings, architraves and softwood and MDF mouldings

Metsä Wood provide one of the most comprehensive portfolios of high quality softwood and MDF mouldings currently available within the UK. From decorative mouldings such as skirting and architrave to flooring, all of our timber products are suitable for both new-build and refurbishment and are environmentally certified.

The extensive range of softwood and primed MDF mouldings includes popular classics such as Ogee, Torus and Chamfered. We also stock a wealth of somewhat more nostalgic designs including Belgravia, Victorian and Ovolo. Our softwood is available in a range of grades.

Interior and exterior  claddings

Values guide Metsä Group's operations 

Including softwood and ThermoWood®

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Exterior timber claddings are a popular facade that can add warmth to a building and provide a sustainable option over brick or alternative finishes. At Metsä Wood, our exterior wall claddings include ThermoWood® cladding and softwood cladding.

Alternatively, our softwood interior timber claddings add warmth to any room.

PTG wood flooring 

PTG wood flooring​

At Metsä Wood we offer a range of high quality softwood Planed Tongue and Groove (PTG) flooring available in various sizes.

Our softwood PTG flooring is manufactured from slow-grown premium redwood timber, precision finished and fully machined.

Planed square edge (PSE) timber 

Planed square edge (PSE) timber

At Metsä Wood UK, we supply a wide range of high quality softwood PSE (Planed Square Edge) timber. PSE is a machined square edged section of timber which is normally used where a neat, clean finish is required. Our PSE is available in three commercial grades for different end uses which include unsorted redwood, 5th grade and sawfalling whitewood. Planed square edge timber is commonly available to buy as a two-by-one inch (2 x 1) and three-by-two inch (3 x 2) PSE timber.​​​

Door linings and door caisings 

Softwood door linings and casings

At Metsä Wood we offer a range of high quality softwood door linings and door casings, including certifire door linings and certifire door casings.

Our softwood door linings are manufactured from slow-grown premium redwood timber, precision finished and fully machined.

Kerto LVL (laminated veneer lumber) 

Engineered wood beams with a high strength-to-weight ratio

Metsä Wood's Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) is an engineered wood product suitable for all types of construction project. Kerto LVL has a homogenous bonded structure, which gives it dimensional stability and a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Spruce plywood panels 

General purpose spruce plywood panels for easy on site construction

Metsä Wood's range of spruce plywood panels are ideal for construction projects which require strength, stability, a light weight and versatility, whether that's on interior or exterior work. Spruce plywood has a pale colour, and is up to 20% lighter in weight than many alternatives, without compromising on strength or humidity resistance. The production of these spruce plywood panels uses fully waterproof adhesives.

Birch plywood panels 

Birch plywood panels for industrial durability

Metsä Wood's range of birch plywood panels are ideal for applications where high strength and stiffness are required. The panels are made from cross-layered birch veneers which are 1.4mm thick, and they're sanded on both sides to make the panels smooth, hard and durable.

Huner woodshavings 

High quality, dust extracted horse bedding

Produced by Metsä Wood at our own manufacturing sites, each weatherproof bale of Hunter Woodshavings is vacuum packed with fresh, dry, softwood shavings taken directly off our production lines to give you a consistently high quality and totally natural product.

With no timber debris or external shavings being allowed in our bales, the demand for top performing horse bedding can sometimes exceed the supply of our high quality Hunter shavings. As such we have limited our distribution to a select number of stockists who ensure regular customers are well looked after.


MegaSpread woodshavings 

The new horse bedding from Metsä Wood

MEGASpreadTM Woodshavings is an exciting addition to the Metsä Wood equine bedding brand of Hunter Woodshavings. It is made from virgin softwood shavings using sustainable untreated sources. The shavings are vacuum packed under extreme compression so when the bale is opened, the shavings spring back to give exceptional spread volume. 

MEGASpread has large flakes for maximum stability enabling the bed to stay supportive and in place, minimizing the risk of hock and joint injuries in the stable. It is extremely dust-extracted and dried at sterilizing temperatures to reduce bacteria and fungi ensuring the health of your horses respiratory system.

The large soft flakes take l​onger to break down under foot – the smaller flakes make their way to the bottom of the bed creating maximum absorbency therefore maintaining a dryer top layer for greater comfort and protection for your horses hooves and lungs against ammonia.

The clean white flakes discolour when wet making them easy to find and remove, minimizing waste and saving you time.