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Softwood exterior cladding

Weatherboard, loglap and shiplap cladding

​​​​​​​​​​​Metsä Wood softwood exterior wall cladding is kiln dried for increased durability and precision finished. This allows you to have flexibility on the finish and style you want to achieve as it can be stained, varnished, painted and treated.

Thinner profiles of softwood exterior cladding are commonly used to ​make sheds, summer houses and animal houses. Thicker profiles are more commonly used for façades. 

Below are the available profiles which include rebated shiplap weatherboard, rebated loglap, tongue and groove shiplap weatherboard and tongue and groove loglap. 

Profile Nominal (mm) Finished  (mm)
Rebated shiplap-weatherboard profile.jpg Rebated_ShiplapWeatherboard_MM.jpgRebated Shiplap / Weatherboard 16.7x125 19x125 19x150 12x119 14.5x119 14.5x144
TG shiplap-weatherboard Profile.jpgTnG_ShiplapWeatherboard_MM1.jpg T&G Shiplap / Weatherboard16.7x125 19x125 12x119 14.5x119
TG loglap profile.jpgTnG_Loglap_MM1.jpg T&G Loglap25x100 25x125 50x150 18.5x94 18.5x119 44x144
PMV matching-lining profile.jpg PMV_Matching_Lining_MM1.jpg PMV Matching / Lining 12.5x100 16.7x100 16.7x125 19x100 19x125 25x1258x94               12x94             12x119          14.5x94 14.5x119 20.5x119
PMV 2 sides matching lining profile.jpg PMV_2SidesMatching_MM1.jpg PMV 2 Sides Matching / Lining 19x100 21x88 25x100 25x125 14.5x94      16x82      20.5x94 20.5x119
Dual purpose PMV matching lining profile.jpgDual Purpose PMV Matching Lining1.jpg​Dual Purpose PMV Matching / Lining​16.7x100​12x94
Beaded PMV matching lining Pro.jpgBeadedPMVMatchingLining_MM1.jpg​Beaded PMV Matching ​​/ Lining​16.7x100​12x94



The timber used to produce our softwood cladding is grown in our own Finnish forests and is fully PEFC certified.​​​