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Specialist profiles

Thermowood exterior cladding

Thermowood® exterior cladding specialist panels

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our ThermoWood® specialist cladding panel range is available to order and includes dual shadow, PMV, tapered and dual chamfer profiles. All the profiles listed above are pine, except the PMV and tapered profiles which are both spruce.



​​​There are a number of different external and internal corner details that can be created using standard ThermoWood® components, whether attached to a timber frame, masonry or externally insulated walls.  

30 year service life

Uncoated ThermoWood-D (pine) exterior cladding can provide a 30-year desired service life. This calculation is based on a number of conditions including: the quality of the workmanship at the time of installation and the exposure of cladding to the weather including location, elevation and design. If coated, over the life of the product, ThermoWood-D will have a 60-year desired service life, providing the coating is maintained in-line with the coating manufacturer recommendations over the service life of the product*.


The timber used to produce ThermoWood® is grown in our own Finnish forests which are fully certified under the Finnish Forestry Certification System and the Pan European Forestry Certification. As such, you can be sure that ThermoWood® is sourced from well managed and sustainable forests. The heat treatment process requires no chemical additives. The improved performance is achieved simply by the controlled application of heat and steam.