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Nordic™ Fencing

Nordic Fencing - Grown in Extremes, Tested to Extremes, Built for Extremes


    ​​​​​​​​​​​Grown in extremes​​​​​

Finland experiences some of the harshest winters on the planet. Because our timber is raised in these tough conditions it grows slower – and as a result is tighter and more durable than trees grown in warmer climates. It may be classed as softwood, but this is some seriously hard wood!


Tested to Extremes

Nordic timber offers a performance that simply cannot be matched by wood from Southern or Western European trees. In independent tests, our Nordic FencingTM  has really been put through its paces, being subjected to extreme wind, weathering and impact testing. The results have shown that the panels can withstand winds of over 100mph and are up to twice as strong as the market leading panel!

Duotone Fence Press_WEB.jpg

Built for Extremes

From frosty, windswept and rain drenched winters to balmy, humid summers, we get all extremes of weather here in the UK. Therefore, it's important that you fit a fence panel that can cope. Using a better grade of raw material, Metsä's Nordic FencingTM offers a performance that simply cannot be matched by its Southern European counterparts.

All our panels are

Lap Panel

A classic overlapping fence panel built using slow grown, kiln dried and fully pressure treated timber.

In tests, the lap panel withstood winds simulated well in excess of 100mph.



Unique to Metsä, this panel is designed to add a rural feel to your landscape.  Built using flat, overlapping boards, one side retains the tree bark, adding a natural aesthetic that blends in with the surrounding foliage.

Built using slow grown Nordic timber, which has been kiln dried.




Feather Edge

Comprising vertical boards mounted onto two horizontal struts and contained within a reinforced frame, the feather edge board offers great  performance. 

This product is made using British timber.



Closed Board

A reinforced panel formed from vertical overlapping boards fixed to two central horizontal supporting rails (front and back) and fully framed both sides. 

Built using slow grown Nordic timber that has been kiln dried. In tests, the lap panel withstood simulated winds well in excess of 100mph.


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