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PTG flooring

Planed, Tongued and Grooved (PTG) Flooring
At Metsä Wood we offer a range of high quality softwood Planed Tongue and Groove (PTG) flooring available in various sizes.

Our softwood PTG flooring is manufactured from slow-grown premium redwood timber, precision finished and fully machined.​

PTG flooring applications

Below is our range of softwood wood PTG flooring available in various timber grades to suit the end application. Redwood is the best option for use as a clear stained floor as it has a smooth planed surface. The unsorted grade will generally have fewer and smaller knots. Whitewood flooring is ideal for use where carpet, tile or wood flooring is the final flooring surface.



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Installation of PTG flooring

Here is some guidance on installation but please refer to our online video and fixing guide for more details.

  • Flooring should be ‘conditioned’ in situ for 2-3 weeks dependent upon conditions. As timber is a natural product this will give it time to absorb or lose moisture so that when fitted there is less likelihood of excess movement after fitting.

  • Flooring is not suited for installation over underfloor heating

  • Flooring must be laid facing upwards which can be seen by inspecting the tongue and the groove. The face side has the thicker surface. 


Flooring installation video